Yoga & Pilates

Practice yoga in the open air: a meadow of Val Gardena as a mat, the sound of nature as a soundtrack, the scent of herbs and flowers as a preamble that restores the senses, the panorama of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site to achieve total harmony. And Lidia to lead you to the discovery of yoga at the foot of the most famous peaks.

The mountain in all seasons releases energy and the practice of yoga drinks from it. The four elements are all there: the earth element gives stability and security, water balance, sensitivity and passion, air serenity and balance while fire energy and willpower. Then there is the sound that brings joy to small things: it can be the rustling of the wind in the trees or the chirping of birds or the flowing of a stream… the light, which gives wisdom and understanding and the consciousness that gives full realization.

Lidia of is well aware of this and she organizes yoga classes in all seasons in locations immersed in this integral nature that amplifies the virtues of this ancient practice that gives flexibility and strength to the body and shape the mind. It is in fact more a philosophy than a sport practice that promises to give serenity, balance, ability to concentrate, instilling a lasting well-being.

All of us have often heard about the virtues of yoga practice: Linda declines them in a myriad of variations, from Hatha Yoga Flow proposed to waking up in a farm kissed by the first rays of the sun to relieve muscle tension and instill creativity and mental presence or Yin Yoga with the ancient sound of Tibetan bells at sunset, which gives flexibility and relaxation; but there is also yoga during the full moon by candlelight or specific yoga with the help of tools such as feet up, which allows you to benefit from Asana Yoga in reverse for the joy of all internal organs, or in a hammock, suspended, feeling the sensation of flying: your spine will thank you.