Passione Dolomiti was born from a simple idea:
Give the Dolomites the space they deserve.

Passione Dolomiti is a project curated by those who live daily in this area, breathe in the scent and do not miss a moment to fill their eyes with its beauty.

Passione Dolomiti is a place of sharing that rewards the excellence of the territory, whether they are dedicated to hospitality or food and wine through a strict and careful selection process.

We firmly believe in the enhancement of this incredible heritage that embodies ancient traditions, love for products of the earth and a strong spirit of hospitality and for this reason we carefully select the most deserving and representative hotels and restaurants of our territory, ensuring a unique experience to anyone who decides to treat himself to the peace of a stay in the Dolomites and the unforgettable experience of tasting the local delicacies.

The Dolomiti Passion Trademark:
Guarantee of proven quality without compromise

Choosing Passione Dolomiti means:

  • to rely on those who have been living the Dolomite territory day after day for a lifetime, who know its secrets and its excellences
  • save time in choosing the best places to stay and eat thanks to a careful selection and an offer of great value
  • live a real Dolomites experience at 360 degrees, relying on valuable advice that comes first of all from a timeless passion for the Dolomites

For any doubt or request please write to info@passionedolomiti.com.