Alpe di Siusi - Seiser Alm

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Alpe di Siusi –  Seiser Alm

As we have perhaps already pointed out, we at Passione Dolomiti are precise guys and what moves our pen (or rather, our hands!) is our passion for the Dolomites, the most beautiful mountains in the world.

That’s why we want to give you more in-depth information, of course on topics that are close to our hearts and areas that we know well, such as the Alpe di Siusi. We could also have made a small mention to Val Gardena, but when you are here, your heart opens and (guaranteed!) the images that appear before your eyes will be really hard to forget.

Let’s get to know its localities, which can be reached from Ortisei with the SP64, or from Ponte Gardena with the SP24. The villages of Castelrotto, Siusi allo Sciliar, Fiè allo Sciliar and Tires al Catinaccio are small pearls to be discovered. Far from the hustle and bustle of tourism, they can be excellent alternative destinations.


Getting lost in the streets and hamlets of Castelrotto

Admire Punta Santner from the church of Siusi

Swimming in the pond of Fiè

Cross the Alpe di Siusi and reach the Rifugio Bolzano (Schlernhaus).

Skiing or snowshoeing on Alpe di Siusi


The name of this curious village probably derives from an ancient castle, destroyed after battles. Hence the name Castelrotto (Kastelruth in German), which is one of the “most beautiful “borghi” in Italy”. The old town centre is full of shopping and pleasant walks, and is characterized by the neoclassical parish church, the frescoed buildings and the baroque bell tower. A must to visit, the latter allows you to admire from above the picturesque heart of the village and “il Colle”, a porphyry hill in the center of Castelrotto, which is a recreational area, a place of pilgrimage and a fun playground for children.

For lovers of South Tyrolean traditions, we recommend an event that takes place every winter: the Farmers’ Wedding. A faithful reproduction that shows how the wedding was celebrated in the past.

Isn’t that enough? Well, then you should know that Kastelruth is the hometown of the legendary group Kastelruth Spatzen, a famous South Tyrolean folk music ensemble. Don’t miss it. If you are always on the trail of the greats of skiing, here is the home of Denise Karbon and Peter Fill

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Fiè allo Sciliar is a very popular destination, thanks to its proximity to Bolzano. Home of the hay bath, Vols am Schlern is a gem set below the Sciliar that welcomes tourists in search of relaxation and health. A stay in Fiè allo Sciliar is an unforgettable experience also thanks to excellent gastronomic and musical events: October is dedicated to the regional specialities of the Dispensa di Fiè, while July is dedicated to the Schlern International Music Festival.

Fiè is certainly known for its small lake, next to which there is an information point for the Natural Park Sciliar-Catinaccio. We invite you to take a dip without fear: this is one of the cleanest bathing lakes in Italy, which attracts many tourists every summer. In winter, when it freezes, it becomes a very suggestive skating rink.


Seis am Schlern, a pretty village at the foot of the Alpe di Siusi, was already popular at the beginning of the 19th century, where many artists, crowned heads and nobles from all over the world spent their holidays.

Siusi is called the “gateway to the Dolomites” because the Sciliar massif and Santner peak are clearly visible from its centre. For lovers of photography: early in the morning you can admire the massif and the tip from the center and take wonderful pictures with the characteristic bell tower as the protagonist.

From Siusi there are many themed trails such as the Geologists’ Trail or the trail in the footsteps of Oswald von Wolkenstein, poet and knight, which will take you back to the medieval world. If your passion is mushrooms, then don’t miss the Mushroom Trail, where you can get lost in the realm of porcini, mushrooms and chanterelles.

In addition to the paths, remember that here starts the modern lift to the Alpe di Siusi, which will quickly and comfortably take you to the largest plateau in Europe. Are you ready to get excited?

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Tires al Catinaccio is the ideal place for mountaineering enthusiasts: in the Sciliar-Catinaccio Nature Park you can give free rein to your adventurous vein, a bit ‘Messner style, through trekking at high altitudes, via ferrata, extreme climbing. In winter, the best way to experience this area is undoubtedly through long and exciting snowshoeing.

If you are looking for a holiday where you can forget your car, then this place is for you: a sustainable holiday, made only of long walks in front of King Laurino, maybe accompanied by a guide in the Park.


As in all corners of the world, there are interesting legends here on the Alpe di Siusi. Did you know that witches used to meet on the Sciliar to celebrate their rituals? And above Castelrotto, in the village of Bullaccia, there are their chairs, which they used to rest. Two blocks of stone in the shape of a chair that you will find on path 7 and 8 that starts from Castelrotto and passes through Tiosels. Abracadabra!


Alpe di Siusi – Seiser Alm

Tirler Dolomites Living Hotel


We don’t want to bore you by telling you how great it is to ski on the Alpe di Siusi, no. We will limit ourselves to suggesting, however, that the best way to enjoy this paradise to the fullest, always doing movement is snowshoeing in winter or walking in summer. And be careful, that we have written “walking” precisely because it must be a pleasant thing, that allows it to stop you and let you fall in love with this landscape.

In addition to this, we recommend that you take advantage of the proximity of the various information points or guided tour centers for an excursion to the Natural Park of Sciliar-Catinaccio, perhaps in the company of experienced guides.

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The famous plateau is certainly an ideal starting point for beginners in winter sports or trekking: its gentle slopes invite tourists to become familiar with the sport. But that’s not all: for those who are looking for a little more dynamism, the Seiseralm has one of the most beautiful snowparks in the Dolomites. So don’t be surprised if you see events and young professionals with their vaults in the air!

We also recommend you to consider snowshoes, even if you have never tried them: this is the perfect area to start with, thanks to the breathtaking views and the slopes not too demanding.

For the summer, 450 km of trails for all levels and 180 km of marked trails will keep you going. Mountain bike trails on two different levels and the inevitable climbs complete the range of summer activities on the Alpe di Siusi. Speaking of climbing, we recommend the route that goes up to Punta Santner, i.e. the point on the right of the Sciliar; or, not less demanding, the Maximilianweg via ferrata on the peaks of Terrarossa.

Have fun!

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From the peaks of the Alpe di Siusi lift, it crosses the entire plateau and leads to the Sciliar massif. From there, go uphill and reach the Bolzano mountain hut (Schlernhaus). Sleeping on top of one of the symbols of the Dolomites will be a magical experience! From the Schlernhaus you can also reach another magnificent refuge: the Alpe di Tires refuge, with its unmistakable red roof. From there, take the path through the Molignon Pass to Tires. An Oscar-winning hike through greenery at a glance!


Naturpark Schlern-Rosengarten/Natural Park Sciliar-Catinaccio

One of the first parks to be established in South Tyrol is the “Sciliar” park, to which the Rosengarten section was added in 2003. The Sciliar massif with its Santner peak (and the less famous Euringer peak) is often considered to be the emblem of the region.

In addition to the before mentioned peaks, the park also features the Cima Catinaccio and the majestic Vajolet Towers. The Catinaccio d’Antermoia (3002 m) is also part of this group.

The total area of this paradise reaches 7,291 hectares and has a very varied fauna: it will be fun to look for squirrels, hawks, marmots. Typical of this area is also the spruce and the Scots pine.

For your excursions we suggest you to cross the whole Alpe di Siusi and climb up the Sciliar massif: you can refresh yourself and sleep at the Rifugio Bolzano and in the morning face the Maximilianweg (via ferrata) or go down towards the Rifugio Alpe di Tires, which you will recognize thanks to its typical red roof.

There are two information points for guided tours: in Bagni di Lavina Bianca (Weisslahnbad) at the old sawmill “Steger Säge” you will find the visitors’ centre, while at the lake of Fiè allo Sciliar you will find the information point. And about the little lake of Fiè: it’s swimming. You can find the right refreshment from the summer heat; if you happen to be in winter, you can skate there. Not bad!