Val d'Ega

Foto ©  Helmuth Rier – Eggental Tourismus Genossenschaft

Eggental – Val d’Ega

Small and pretty villages with a few hundred inhabitants: life in the Eggental / Val d’Ega seems lighter and at a slower rhythm.

Ready with your camera to immortalize here, too, scenarios worthy of note: from the bell towers of Latemar, to the majesty of the Catinaccio, passing by Lake Carezza, which will make you fall in love.

In contrast to its grandeur, the Val d’Ega is a world of possibilities: ski resorts and hiking trails offer you a destination that won’t let you down. You can easily reach it from the north coming from Bolzano or from the south via the Costalunga Pass, which connects with the Val di Fassa


Falling in love with Karersee/Lake Carezza

Skiing in Obereggen

Adventure in the Rosengarten

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Sanctuary of Pietralba

Reaching the Oberholz hut


Despite its name, Cornedo all’Isarco is a village at the entrance of the Ega Valley.

It is not a particularly touristic centre, but it is interesting to know that here there is a hydroelectric power station with penstocks, even among the largest in Italy. You can easily see it from the centre. An attraction that is certainly more suitable also for your kids is Castel Cornedo (Schloss Karneid): it dates back to the 13th century and is one of the most beautiful and best preserved castles in South Tyrol. Picturesque is the courtyard with the water well, the staircase and a two-storey loggia. Not to be missed is the Romanesque chapel where 14th century frescoes such as “The Triumph of Death” are preserved.

They are part of the municipality of Cornedo, Cardano, Prato Isarco, San Valentino in Campo and Collepietra. From Collepietra you can enjoy a wonderful view over the valley of Tires and the Catinaccio mountain range.


Nova Levante is small, but don’t be fooled: even this country has its corners to discover in all seasons! In the centre you will find restaurants and bars where you can taste the delights of traditional South Tyrolean cuisine. We would like to point out the charming parish church, the beautiful chapel of Saints Rocco and Sebastian that preserves splendid baroque frescoes and the Ethnographic Museum, a small museum that allows you to get to know the folklore and popular traditions of this side of the Dolomites and the surrounding valley.

Say Nova Levante and read Carezza, perhaps the most famous place in this valley. Its fame is due to the splendour of the homonymous lake, the Karersee, a stretch of water fed by an underground spring at about 1,534 metres above sea level. In Ladin, the lake is called “Lec de Ergobando” or “Lec de arcoboàn”, the rainbow lake because of the incredible colour that its waters take on when the light hits the surface. Around the lake there is a suggestive path that can be easily followed, even if it is not allowed to approach the water. In the background, the Latemar bell towers are reflected in the water of the lake, for a picture of great wonder.

Nova Levante is also very famous for the rich network of paths and trails that branch off from the town centre through the surrounding woods to the most important peaks in the surroundings. Some of the most famous and suggestive routes are the route of the Baite del Re Laurino, which runs along some wonderful pastures up to the ancient barns, the Schupfen, used by shepherds as a shelter and now transformed into farmhouses where you can taste the tasty local cheeses, and the path of the Catinaccio which leads to the most spectacular peaks of the Dolomites where you can admire the phenomenon of Enrosadira, when the mountains turn pink at sunset.

In winter don’t miss the magic of Christmas and snow, which paints the landscape of Val d’Ega white. In Nova Levante there is a small but respectable ski area. Carezza Ski is a small resort with 26 slopes served by 14 modern lifts. Most of the slopes are for beginners and this characteristic makes the Carezza ski area a children’s paradise. The Hubertus slope is dedicated to tobogganing.

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Foto © Enrica Pallaver Photography


From the plateau of the Regolo mountain (Regglberg), Nova Ponente or Deutschnofen dominates the Val d’Ega. The municipality consists of the hamlets of Monte San Pietro, Ega (S. Nicolò) and Obereggen. The small village is famous for the little church of Sant’Elena, which can be reached with an easy half hour hike from the centre. It is a church built in 1410 on a prehistoric place of pilgrimage with a cycle of frescoes dating back to the same period. The real treasure of this church, however, is the bell: forged in 1500, it is the oldest in the region.

The village of Nova Ponente is situated on a plateau surrounded by the Schlern, Rosengarten and Latemar massifs to the east and the Zanggen, Corno Bianco and Corno Nero to the south. The panoramic view to the west also includes the Mendola mountain range. If you like boundless panoramas, then this is the right place! Moreover, thanks to its location, from Nova Ponente you can undertake numerous hiking trails and via ferrata routes.

In the hamlet of Monte San Pietro not to be missed is the most famous sanctuary of the whole region, the one dedicated to the Madonna di Pietralba. Nestled among meadows and woods, at an altitude of 1520 m on Monte Regolo, in the municipality of Nova Ponente is the sanctuary, an istitution, which boasts the visit of Pope John Paul II in 1988.

The structure dates back to 1553 and legend says that the Virgin Mary appeared to the farmer Leonhard Weißensteiner and cured him of his illness. As a thank you she asked him to build a chapel there, where all the faithful could invoke her help. This original chapel was immediately visited by numerous pilgrims and it became necessary to build a larger church.

Today’s basilica is annexed to the convent which is inhabited by the Fathers of the Servite Order. Believe it or not, this place is definitely worth a visit, if only to immerse yourself in an atmosphere that will touch your heart.

From the sacred to the profane in one paragraph: another village in Nova Ponente is Obereggen, a famous ski resort, part of the Latemar Ski Center. Wonderful panoramic trails with the Latemarium trail for the summer; ski and toboggan runs and a fairly large snow park for the winter.

From Obereggen you can easily reach the Oberholz mountain hut, a very modern, recently built and organic mountain hut, which represents a combination of avant-garde architecture with a mountain flavour: its extremities, at an altitude of over 2,000 metres, project towards the hamlet of Obereggen, with a breathtaking view of the valley all to be admired from its immense windows. Really chic!


Lake Carezza (Karersee) hides a small treasure linked to the legend of its wonderful colours: a bronze statue, representing Ondina, a nymph who according to legend lived in these waters, was placed in the lake. You can only see her when the water is shallow. Legend tells us that the wizard of Latemar fell in love with the beautiful nymph and tried several times to kidnap her. One day, advised by the Stria del Masarè, he made a beautiful rainbow appear above Lake Carezza in order to attract the nymph. When the nymph came out of the waters she saw the magician and ran away scared. Then the magician, seized with rage, took the rainbow and threw it into a thousand pieces into the lake. From that day on, all the colours of the iris are reflected in the waters of Lake Carezza.


Val d’Ega, Val di Fassa

Sporthotel Passo Carezza


Ready to have some… tobogganing fun? It already seems strange to you that we talk about this activity and not immediately about skiing, but you have to know that between Carezza and Obereggen you can really find a concentration of toboggan runs that you can hardly find in other places so close to each other!

For alpine skiing there are two reference areas: the Carezza Ski and the Latemar Ski Center, also equipped with snowparks for skiing or snowboarding evolutions. Ski areas that come together to give you an extra thrill: with the Latemar Ronda you have the opportunity to make the complete tour of the Latemar group, passing through the slopes of Carezza, Obereggen and Pampeago, accompanied by experts.

Of course, if you prefer winter hiking and snowshoeing, the Val d’Ega also has numerous routes and great views. And of course: even “baiting” for demanding palates is always a very interesting activity. The choice is yours!

Foto © IDM Alto Adige Alex Filz

Foto © IDMAlto Adige Daniel Geiger


As we told you at the beginning, don’t be fooled by the size of this valley: here there is enough space for everyone.

The great summer classic of trekking here finds expression with many itineraries for all levels. From the gentler slopes of Nova Ponente, to the longer routes of Nova Levante towards the Catinaccio, before ending in beauty with a via ferrata.

Trails for mountain bikes or e-bikes, theme trails or hut to hut tours: even the most gastronomic part will be satisfied.

And we can’t leave out “the mountain beast” or as the Carezza golf course has been renamed: a 9-hole course that takes you to more than 400 metres of altitude difference at 1600 metres of the Carezza Pass. Really for those with remarkable physical endurance and precision!



Winter at Carezza Ski is spectacular! Also known as one of the most beautiful Family Resorts in Italy, this area offers emotions for everyone!

If you are looking for the right place to start your kids skiing, we suggest you to consider Carezza: on 26 slopes in total, 11 are blue, so suitable for beginners. But that’s not all: Kinderland and Nanoland are designed to learn this fantastic sport, but also to bring the little ones closer to South Tyrolean traditions: one of the many ski runs is dotted with characters who come directly from local legends, such as King Laurin.

And of course, if you’re a missed Alberto Tomba you’ve got something for everyone: there are red and black slopes where you can satisfy your adrenalin rush! The Tschein slope offers also some surprises for those who love flying in the air: a snowpark to live!

To complete the offer of Carezza Ski, there is also a nice toboggan run for those who want to have fun…sitting down!

In summer there are many routes that you can take in the shadow of the Rosengarten/Rosengarten.

Reaching Lake Carezza from Nova Levante and doing the round trip is definitely a unique experience: the route is not demanding and suitable for everyone.

The tour around the Rosengarten in the long or short variant, or the panoramic route of the Empress Sissi are something more challenging, but certainly of great impact.

Or the Hirzel path, which starts at the top station of the Paolina chairlift and leads along the route to the Fronza alle Coronelle hut through an open-air geological museum.

Let’s go up with a trek that will give you a view of all the surrounding peaks: from the Costalunga Pass to Cima Pope.

But if you are looking for the cold rock or iron in your hands, then you can’t miss the Santner via ferrata for anything in the world: from the Fronza alle Coronelle hut through ledges, chimneys and passages with legs in the void to the spectacular Torri del Vajolet.

Foto © IDM Alto Adige Alex Filz

Foto © IDM Alto Adige Alex Filz


The Latemar Ski Center is one of the two main hiking and skiing areas in Val d’Ega. You can reach it from Obereggen and it is also connected through the lifts to Val di Fiemme with Pampeago and Predazzo. From Obereggen you can easily reach the Oberholz hut, a recent building structure, which is part of the Latemar mountain landscape, respecting the environment: it is in fact a happy marriage between modern architecture and the use of natural materials, such as wood, which characterizes the large interior arches. From its terraces you can admire an enchanted landscape towards the whole valley.

As many as 18 installations will allow you to reach every corner of this area. In winter the 40 ski slopes reach a total of 50 kilometres, most of them red and blue. The Latemar Ski Center is the ideal place to learn how to ski, thanks to the gentle slopes and baby parks, which will help your kids to get closer to the world of snow. The slope towards Obereggen has a very popular snow park: with lots of lines for your stunts, here you can even ski at night. The Obereggen Snowpark is also open at night on certain days of the week.

In addition to alpine skiing, the Latemar organises and offers a lot of side activities: night skiing, 4 toboggan runs, a baby park and theme trails such as the Dragon Forest.

In summer the Latemar turns into the Latemarium, a starting point for themed excursions, some of which are also suitable for children. In the shade of the Latemar’s bell towers you can discover the fauna, flora and geological secrets of this wonderful area, from which you can admire a 360° fairytale landscape!

On the path that descends from the Agnello chairlift we point out “Respirart”: a real high-altitude art gallery full of works made of wood. All to be photographed!


If you are not afraid of fatigue then throw yourself into the world of vie ferrate with Santner. After reaching the Vajolet Towers and the Re Alberto hut, descend from the scree to the Vajolet hut: here you are in the heart of the Catinaccio, where you can only have fun discovering its routes, such as the one leading to Lake Antermoia, to Cima Antermoia (via ferrata), northwards to Passo Principe and then to the area of Siusi over the Molignon pass, or southwards to Ciampedie in Val di Fassa. You will be spoilt for choice!


Naturpark Schlern-Rosengarten/Natural Park Schlern-Catinaccio

This park is huge! But how many locations does it embrace? Lots, actually. The Catinaccio/Rosengarten group can be reached from the Val d’Ega from Nova Levante, and you can choose to do it comfortably seated on a chairlift, or through exciting hikes. This is the first park to be established in South Tyrol. The Sciliar massif with Punta Santner (and the less famous Punta Euringer) are in fact often considered the emblem of the region.

In addition to the already mentioned peaks, in the park you will find Cima Catinaccio and the majestic Vajolet Towers. The Catinaccio d’Antermoia (3002 metres) is also part of this group.

The total extension of this paradise reaches 7,291 hectares and has a very varied fauna: it will be fun to look for squirrels, hawks, marmots. Typical of this area is also the spruce and Scots pine.

There are two information points for guided tours: in Bagni di Lavina Bianca (Weisslahnbad) at the old sawmill “Steger Säge” you will find the visitor centre, while at the pond of Fiè allo Sciliar you will find the information point.