Val di Fiemme

Foto © Enrica Pallaver Photography

Val di Fiemme

The valley in the woods. We like to introduce you to the Val di Fiemme in this way. It is no coincidence that its symbol is precisely the profile of a fir tree, because of spruce you will find it not to finish.

This is where the Avisio stream flows, which even crosses the Val di Fassa before that. In summer it is the ideal place for a few excursions along its course, but also for rafting.

This valley is home to the magnificent community of Fiemme, an ancient institution that includes all the municipalities of this valley plus others outside. Throughout the valley, but especially in Cavalese, you will find evidence of this administration, created mainly to protect the communities that reside here.

In winter the Val di Fiemme becomes the ideal destination for families, thanks to its gentle slopes, but not only.


Visit the Latemarium

Rafting on the Avisio stream

Join the Marcialonga

Skiing at Cermis

Getting lost in the forest of Paneveggio


The most populated village of the Val di Fiemme is also the first one you will find coming from the Val di Fassa: Predazzo. A typical mountain village, it won’t betray your expectations: style houses, wooden barns (tabià), an austere neo-Gothic church, all surrounded by greenery.

If you are looking for geological chests, then a must is the Geological Museum of the Dolomites, in the square, which collects all the varieties of mineral and fossil rocks present in this region.

Opposite Cavalese for its importance, Predazzo has always been a road and commercial junction between the valleys of Fiemme, Fassa and Primiero. From Predazzo, in fact, you can easily reach the area of Fiera di Primiero through the Rolle Pass, along the beautiful park of Paneveggio.

From Predazzo you can take a comfortable and modern cable car to the Pampeago Alp, in the wonderful Latemar group. In summer it is a trekking destination for all, in winter it is a real paradise for skiers.

And of course if you come from the Val di Fassa you will have noticed it too: on the left there is the Ski Jumping Stadium. The structure you see is one of the most important in the world and has hosted three Nordic Ski World Championships (1991, 2003, 2013).

Foto © Enrica Pallaver Photography

Foto © Enrica Pallaver Photography


Cavalese, the main town of the Val di Fiemme, lies on a balcony overlooking its valley and the Lagorai chain.

The Alpe Cermis ski lifts leave from the village and take you to spectacular high-altitude views. The lifts also allow you to reach the valley floor, which in summer is crossed by the Dolomites cycle path and in winter by the Marcialonga cross-country trail.

Stay in the centre to get lost in its streets and find yourself in the Parco della Pieve, with the ancient archpriest’s church of the Assunta, built in 1112. If you want to know more, in the information centre you will also find the possibility to take guided tours.

Numerous cafes, typical restaurants and speck retailers surround this town, which is a place to live in every season.

Finally, if you have decided to stay here, we recommend that you leave your car at the parking lot: around the town there are pleasant walks in nature. Among the most admired natural monuments, the waterfall of Cavalese and the centuries-old tree “Pezo del Gazolin”.


In the centre of the Val di Fiemme, lies Tesero, a small village rich in culture and events. In winter Tesero resembles a small crib and perhaps for this reason, here is organized one of the most beautiful exhibitions of cribs in the area. “Tesero and its cribs” is an event that attracts many visitors, thanks to the beauty of the artifacts and the skill of the carpenters of the region who make them. If re-enactments are the kind of events you like best, then we recommend “Le corte de Tiezer” where the courts of the village come alive with ancient crafts.

The hamlet of Tesero is Pampeago, from which you can access the Latemar Ski Center: one of the most varied and entertaining ski areas in Trentino.

But before arriving at the Ski Center Latemar, you will pass through the Val di Stava, now an important hotel area, but in the past sadly known for the flooding of mud that caused many losses. There are many testimonies that remind us of this tragedy.

In the hamlet of Lago, instead, you will find the Cross-country Ski Centre. A real temple for lovers of this discipline.


Ziano di Fiemme is home to one of the most important companies in the outdoor world: La Sportiva. Founded in 1928 thanks to the intuition of a shoemaker from Tesero, today the company is one of the most solid and relevant in the panorama of sporting goods. Near the headquarters there is a shop and outlet, why not take a look?


Cross-country skiing is probably the most important winter activity in the Val di Fiemme: there are numerous circuits in this area and from here the Marcialonga also passes. In Tesero there is also a cross-country skiing centre.

Alpine skiing also finds its natural space: the main areas are the Alpe Cermis in Cavalese and the Ski Center Latemar. On this last one we invite you to try the toboggan, 4 slopes will satisfy your tastes!

Even winter trekking or long snowshoeing can be a valid alternative. There are many areas where you can practice these activities, but one of them we have to tell you: the Paneveggio Park, is definitely the ideal place.

Foto © Enrica Pallaver Photography

Foto © Enrica Pallaver Photography


Excursions not to end, but not only … many activities all outdoors for those who love the mountains and can not help but stop and admire it.

Trekking, Nordic Walking, Mountain Bike, via ferrata and fun bobsleigh and rafting tracks on the Avisio for a touch of adrenaline.

Plan your summer with us at Passione Dolomiti!



Alpe Cermis is a very active area.

In winter it becomes one of the most beautiful areas of Trentino, with 14 slopes, 7 blue, 5 red and 2 black. It is accessed by a comfortable and modern cableway from the valley floor of Cavalese. The plateau of Cermis is a very common destination for families, thanks to the many activities dedicated to them. Cermislandia, for example, is a snow kindergarten where entertainers will entertain your puppy with games of all kinds, from makeup to treasure hunt through to baby dance. While you can enjoy a good skiing.

In summer, Cermis becomes an outdoor paradise: in addition to the classic trekking at high altitude, you can experience the thrill of a via ferrata that allows you to have a look at the lakes in this area. It’s called Cermiskyline and is also known as the lake ferrata.

If the family size is the one that interests you the most, we recommend the adventure park in Doss dei Laresi (1250 meters) which is located at the arrival of the first cable car: a path in height between the fir trees very fun.

Foto © Enrica Pallaver Photography

Foto © Enrica Pallaver Photography


The Latemar Ski Center is the main hiking and skiing area of the Val di Fiemme. You can access from Predazzo, Pampeago and Obereggen in South Tyrol.

18 lifts will allow you to reach every corner of this area. In winter, the 40 ski slopes reach a total of 50 kilometres, most of which are red and blue. The Latemar Ski Center is the ideal place to learn to ski, thanks to the gentle slopes and the baby parks, which will help your puppies to get closer to the world of snow. On the slope towards Obereggen you will also find a very popular snow park.

In addition to downhill skiing, Latemar organizes and offers many other activities: night skiing, 4 toboggan runs, a baby park and theme trails such as the Dragon Forest.

In summer, the Latemar is transformed into the Latemarium, a starting point for themed hikes, some of which are also suitable for children. In the shadow of the Latemar massif you can discover the fauna, flora and geological secrets of this wonderful mountain, from which you can admire a fairytale landscape at 360°!

On the path that descends from the Agnello chairlift, we recommend “Respirart”: a real art gallery at high altitude, full of works made of wood. All to be photographed!


One of the many activities that you can organize in Val di Fiemme concerns the life in the mountain pastures. If you love nature and want to discover the background of what happens in these high mountain huts, then we recommend that you take part in these events. An afternoon walk to the alpine hut, a dinner with the mountain hut managers and an early morning awakening (5.00 a.m.!) to accompany the cows to the cowshed and milk them, of course without forgetting to admire the sunrise. Isn’t it poetic?


Monte Corno Natural Park

The Monte Corno nature park takes its name from the mountain of the same name, one of the highest peaks in the Dolomites of Fiemme. The park is administratively part of South Tyrol and is the southernmost park in the region. It includes the municipalities of Trodena, Anterivo, Montagna, Egna and Salorno. If you are interested in visiting this park, we recommend an old electric mill in Trodena, which acts as a Visitor Centre; another information point is located in Cauria, a mountain village in the municipality of Salorno.

Thanks to its location, the Monte Corno Park has the richest fauna and flora of all the parks in the region.

The four theme trails that wind through the beautiful landscape are very interesting and well designed: the 2 km long Legends Trail in Trodena and the eight stations of the Legends Trail in Anterivo are popular destinations for families. In addition, there is the Casignano Promenade, a circular path that also passes through the “Kanzel” vantage point, and the Kneipp recreation area “Sandegg” in Anterivo.

Paneveggio-Pale di San Martino Nature Park

Ready to discover one of the largest and most famous parks in Trentino? Established in 1967, the Paneveggio-Pale di San Martino Nature Park covers an area of almost 200 square kilometres and includes the areas of the Pale di San Martino, the Paneveggio forest, part of the Lagorai chain, a portion of the Lusia-Cima Bocche chain.

The symbol of the park is the deer, king of the forest, which you can admire at the Visitor Centre of Paneveggio. In addition to this, there are others, such as the one in Val Canali and San Martino di Castrozza. A very rich Ecomuseum and Ethnographic Path are a must in Vanoi.

In addition to the deer, the park is known to be frequented by roe deer, fawns and golden eagles. As for the flora, how not to mention the spruce, the perfect base for excellent musical instruments.

Our tip: immerse yourself in the spruce forest, both in summer and winter with snowshoes. The only noise you’ll hear is the sound of your footsteps. Take a short break at Malga Venegiota and enjoy its delicacies.