The well-being of children

If your kids reacts this way to a holiday in the mountains, don’t despair: take them to a forest, always populated by giant trees, let them run in a flowering meadow, accompany him to the shore of an alpine lake, take them to the snow-covered fields and then leave them free to experiment: you will see their eyes shine!

Like us adults, also, children need a regenerating holiday, but their concept of wellbeing is different from ours, closer to the essence of Mother Nature: their little soul still knows how to get excited in a spontaneous way and there is nothing better than the Fairytale Mountain, where every corner holds surprises… surprising in all seasons.

You will notice it when you stop and look at it in front of a tree full of snow: it will immediately touch a sprig of fir and make the snow crystals fly through the air. Their favorite books will become even more compelling when opened in the quiet of a forest.

Enjoy the expression when they will be amazed at the height a tree can reach. Discover it immersed in a meadow: you will see it sniffing flowery scents, fascinated by the multitude of varieties and colors. Let them play in the snow: a puppet will immediately take shape.

In addition, even a trail with a roller bike will make them feel like a real explorer, do not put a brake on imagination that is the secret of a mountain holiday!