Milking cows

Summer in the mountains cannot be separated from a nice walk to visit an alpine pasture where the cows spend the period of the mountain pasture, often together with goats and donkeys. Many facilities have a convenient access also suitable for pushchairs. Others can be reached by climbing up zigzagging paths in the woods and there are also those that can be reached by ski lifts!

On the Dolomite pastures, it seems to go back in time, in bucolic places but fundamental for the protection and conservation of the territory, where the rhythm of life is connected with the sounds of nature: the sun gives the alarm, the sunset leads to rest; the day is a time dedicated to the animals and their well-being. They too, like us, in uncontaminated places can benefit from circulatory and lung benefits, strengthening their muscles as well; the sun is good for them.

Their diet makes all the difference, producing milk of excellence. Yes, because the milk from the alpine pastures is unique: the variegated pastures of feed grasses make it tasty, rich in ferments, microorganisms, healthy omega-3 fats, with a good dose of carotenes and gives butter and cheese a straw-yellow color and always different taste sensations.

Children – and adults too! – They will be fascinated by how the cheesemaker milks a cow, how he transforms milk into butter, into local cheese or creates Tosela. This is the typical fresh sliced cheese that you can enjoy cooked in butter accompanied by polenta and sausage. However, the gourmet version sees it more and rawer in carpaccio, with fresh salad and mountain herbs, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a good balsamic vinegar.

The various tourist resorts organize days in the alpine pastures: opportunities not to be missed! In addition, in September, do not miss the countless festivals dedicated to the return of animals from the pasture such as the various “Desmontegade” and “Desmalgade” with a procession of festively decorated animals: famous are the “Desmontegada de le Caore” in Val di Fiemme and “La Gran Festa del Desmontegar” in Primiero. In Val Senales, a spectacle is the transhumance of the sheep that return bleating from the Vent Valley in Austria, travelling 44 kilometers in two days, among moraines and steep, rocky paths. Parades, folkloristic dances, music, typical cuisine and many side events enliven everything. Moreover, the tourist feels part of the host community.

Would you like to try this exciting experience? We recommend these three facilities selected for you:

Farmhouse Plang in the beautiful San Cassiano in Alta Badia