Head for the forest

Bad time?  Some people recommend de-stressing with knitting. However, if we consider that it is not for us, a walk in the woods has similar, if not greater, effects and is suitable for everyone, especially the more sedentary. If walking is good, walking in the green is better.

It has been established that, in addition to reducing stress and anxiety, “lanatherapy” improves mood, fights depression and detoxifies from hectic rhythms. It has become a social phenomenon and goes far beyond knitting to transform colored balls into soft sweaters: according to its enthusiasts, it is a source of physical and mental health benefits.

Yeah, but what if we are embarrassed to pick up needles and threads? The solution is simple: let us wear a warm wool sweater (the fleece has healthy properties such as breathability, thermoregulation ensures a dry heat, is environmentally friendly and recyclable) and take a trip in the woods.

It is scientifically proven, in fact, that an immersion in the thick greenery has therapeutic effects: it reduces stress and strengthens the immune system. Japanese research confirms that a “forest bathing”, as it has been defined, of 30 minutes in the forest can lower pressure, anxiety, depression, anger, fatigue and confusion, giving a greater liveliness that rhymes with happiness.

If the eye then wants its share, we do not need scientists to point out how phenomenal nature can be among the branches; and the lungs give thanks. That is easy, isn’t it?