Hay baths

In the past, when peasant families used to move to the meadows for haymaking, sleeping on the dried grass in the tabià (or toblé, the barn) was the custom. They were not at the height of happiness, because the fragrant grass that was drying up was capable of stinging and containing unpleasant insects. Perhaps, if they had known about the therapeutic properties of their hay nights, who knows… however, it has been ascertained that they were rested and regenerated.


Obviously, summer is the best time for a phytobalneotherapy treatment with freshly cut grass during flowering: gentian, potatella, thyme, wolfs bane, blueberry, yarrow and arnica are among the curative species: they can be fermented up to 50°, then immersed and sweating begins. In addition, it is at this point that the active substances contained in mountain herbs release a calming and antichloristic action, are able to dissolve cramps and contractions, reduce water retention, strengthen the immune system and promote blood circulation by purifying and detoxifying.

The total bodysuit in the hay is proof of how the natural elements are able to make us feel better and help us rediscover a 360° wellness: is not that why you go on holiday?