Cheese & Speck Canederli

To make excellent cheese and speck canederli at home, here is the recipe with all the necessary steps.


For the canederli:

650 g of stale bread
200 g speck
50 g of grated Parmesan cheese
50 g cheese (e.g. Fontal)
1 golden onion
50 g parsley
2 eggs
30 g of butter
1 l vegetable stock
50 g flour 00
½ glass of milk
salt to taste; pepper to taste

For the vegetable stock:

1.5 l of water
1 carrot
1 celery coast
1 onion
salt q.b.


First you must prepare the vegetable broth. Clean and wash the carrot and celery, peel the onion and put everything in a pot in salted water, then put it on the heat and let it boil, once ready turn off the heat.

Cut the stale bread into pieces and put it to soak in milk, the time it takes to soften, then squeeze it and put it in a separate bowl.

Peel and dice another onion, then brown it in a pan with 30 grams of butter. Cut the speck into small cubes and add it to the onion when it is slightly wilted. Let them brown for a couple more minutes, then turn off the heat and let everything cool.

Chop the parsley, grate the cheese and add it to the stale bread in a bowl. Also add the browned onion and speck, Parmesan cheese and eggs. Put the pepper and salt to the mixture and work it with your hands until you get a soft dough that you will have to let rest in the fridge for a while.

Now with the dough of the canederli you will have to form balls just over a walnut, to be floured and put on a plate, waiting for cooking.

Light the fire again under the broth and once it boils, put the canederli to cook. When you see them come to the surface they will be ready.

Now you can choose whether to serve them together with a little broth, or drain them and dress them with Parmesan cheese and melted butter.