Swimming pool and sauna with Aufguss treatment

The Aufguss, or vapor-pipe, is a ritual: In the humid heat of the sauna, the Aufgussmeister pours cold water, snowballs or ice enriched with essential oils onto the brazier and, skillfully waving a towel, a flag, fans, birch or eucalyptus branches at the guests, moves the air distributing scents with a calming and balsamic effect, while increasing humidity and heat perception, which increase sweating and the elimination of more toxins.

Afterwards, the circulation reacts by going out into the open air, taking a cold shower, a swim in the pool.

The Aufguss gives twelve minutes of well-being, music, colors, according to the type proposed by the Sauna Master: classic, relaxation, meditative…

The multisensory experience of the rich and complex ceremonial is intense and pleasant: the harmonious gestures of the movement, such as the helicopter or the log splitter, is a show not to be missed.