The Messnerjoch is located at the foot of the Rosengarten/Catinaccio in Val d’Ega and offers a spectacular 360 degree view of the Dolomites.
It is open from Christmas to the end of March and from mid-May to the beginning of November and has 80 places to eat.

Main excursions:

Both in summer and winter various hikes of all difficulties lead to the hut:

– Excursion with stroller to our hut
Starting from Passo Nigra, an easy hike leads along path no. 1 to our alpine hut. This hike is practicable both in summer and winter. In winter a toboggan run leads from our hut to Passo Nigra.
Walking time: 40 min, altitude difference 250 m

– From the Tschein Bridge to the Messnerjoch
From the bus stop at the Tschein Bridge the hike leads across the meadows to trail no. 16 and up to the Coronelle Mountain, then a short descent via trail no. 1 to the Messnerjoch. Only in summer.
Walking time: 1 h, altitude difference: approx. 300 m

– From Nova Levante to the Messnerjoch Hut
From Nova Levante the village promenade leads to the Hotel Rosengarten. Then take the Valle Nigra path to the Nigra Pass and afterwards path no. 1 to the Messnerjoch hut.
Walking time: 2 1/2 h, difference in altitude approx. 720 m

– From the Nova Levante gondola lift to our alpine hut
Take the Nova Levante gondola lift from the village centre to the Frommeralm hut, from the mountain station via trail no. 1b to the Messnerjoch hut. Only in summer.
Walking time: approx. 40 minutes, difference in altitude 200 m.

– Hike from Cyprianerhof/Tires over the Angelwiesen meadows to the Messnerjoch hut
Tour with wonderful panorama starting from Cyprianerhof, trail no. 10, through “Plafötsch” to the “Angelwiesen” meadows, trail no. 7 and after Weg no. 15 to the Messnerjoch hut.
Only accessible in summer.
Walking time: 3 1/2 h, altitude difference 750 m

Baita Messnerjoch

Val d’Ega

Indirizzo: Via Nigra 22, 39056 Nova Levante (BZ)

Telefono: 3404734652



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