Malga Brogles

Malga Brogles

Have you ever been to Malga Brogles?

It lies between two enchanting valleys: Val di Funes and Val Gardena. It is a very popular place, as most visitors come from Val Gardena via a ski lift. Its advantageous location makes it a paradise for photography enthusiasts and landscape lovers, thanks to the splendid view of the Odle Group.

The Dolomites surround the valley and offer numerous opportunities for hiking and climbing, suitable for various challenges. There are many routes and paths that start from the alpine hut and lead to other high-altitude huts, lakes, peaks and valleys on the Austrian border.

Among the most impressive hikes are those leading to the Resciesa refuge and the Firenze refuge. These two routes are not particularly demanding and are also suitable for those with less mountain experience. However, the path leading to Rifugio Genova is only recommended for more experienced mountaineers.

Photo © Vanessa Veliu