Lunch at the lodge

The mountain makes you hungry: either because of the sparkling air, or because you move more, or especially because of the wide choice of the typical cuisine of the Dolomites so tasty, full of genuine products and zero kilometers. The healthy appetite is felt. It should then be quenched with… a hearty lunch in the hut.

Lunch in a mountain hut, in typical restaurants, mountain huts, refuges or agritourist, offers a series of “added values” that are not indifferent: first of all, you can breathe that warm atmosphere of high altitude that invites you to linger at the table. then, the hut is usually located outside the center, surrounded by nature, along a path to do on foot, in mtb, with cross-country skis or snowshoes, or in a forest, in the middle of a pasture, on the shore of a small alpine lake, on a mountain reached by ski lifts after a nice descent in the white snow, or even by snowmobile or troika, the sleigh drawn by horses.

Here, the table becomes the prize we have earned after discovering unprecedented beauties reached with a bit ‘of motion, which allows us not to count the calories.

Now we can sit comfortably at the table, warm we around the fire, maybe there is a cauldron in which he cooks a good polenta expected from a fragrant grill. Everything tastes better when enjoyed in the hut, because it is the hospitable and typical environment that makes the difference: you will immediately notice how the mountain people will welcome you. A few words, but many smiles.