Kneipp path

Dear Sebastian Kneipp, how we love you! Your intuition gives us lasting well-being, increasing the benefits of the holiday.

In fact, most of the facilities of Passione Dolomiti offer wellness areas with every enjoyment for body and mind and the Kneipp path is the master: walking on the cobblestones in the alternation of hot and cold water that can shake the ankles or reach the knees massages the soles of the feet, reactivates the blood circulation and invigorates the body. All without the slightest effort. The path to follow is in fact short, it can be stimulated by jets of water for a more marked toning action and followed by other wellness or detox treatments.

What a feeling of lightness in the legs at the end! And even the initial thermal shok (cold water is at 20° and hot water at 32°) becomes very pleasant.