Historical alpine refuge in the heart of the Pale di San Martino near a small lake on which are reflected walls, peaks, towers famous in the international mountaineering and in the presence of the spectacular rocky cathedral of Cima Canali whose image the great writer Dino Buzzati compared to the Duomo of Milan, only for this vision deserves a visit being impossible the view from the valley.

The refuge is the starting point of a great number of beautiful climbs of every kind and difficulty among which we remember the wonderful Fessura Buhl, a wonderful climb frequented by mountaineers from all over the world.

It is possible to reach Pradidali from Val Canali below or from San Martino di Castrozza through paths that are always relatively challenging for the average hiker. (For information on the paths we suggest you call the refuge)


Rifugio Pradidali

Valle di Primiero – San Martino Di Castrozza

Indirizzo: Valle di Pradidali, 38054 Tonadico (TN)

Telefono: 0439/64180



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