Traditional cooking classes

The gastronomy of the Pale Mountains has a common root, made of healthy and genuine ingredients in the name of “nothing is thrown away”. Let’s face the concept that it is a poor cuisine: the varieties of cereals are abundant, from barley, to corn, to buckwheat; the pure legumes, think of the excellent varieties of beans, famous all over the world those “di Lamon”. Fruit is not only synonymous with apples, from Golden Delicious to Renette, but also with red fruits, from blueberries to raspberries and blackberries. Honey has a thousand varieties, from woodland honey to rhododendron and millefiori. Alpine lakes and streams offer healthy and delicate fish such as trout, char, and game abounds, and cattle breeding is a wealth for the maintenance of pastures and the mountain economy. The excellences are fresh and mature cheeses such as the excellent Grana Trentino, Alpine butter, and fresh milk that gives exceptional yoghurt and then cold cuts, such as South Tyrolean speck above all. Wines and grappa are the icing on the cake.

Ah, the delicacies of the Dolomites! In addition, how well the cooks who play on the excellence of their mountain territories combine them with the best of Mediterranean and international cuisine. Then how good are the sommeliers to offer us the right glass, fragrant, which enhances the flavors of the dishes … And what sweet desserts offer bakeries and pastry shops!

Having said that, what do you think about taking a cooking class to learn how to use typical recipes? Look for the hotels that offer you this possibility or the places that propose to “put your hands in the dough”. You can then have fun at home reusing the leftover bread to make delicious dumplings; use buckwheat flour and currant jam to bake the Linzer you have enjoyed so much… A good spicy goulash will make your family happy on Sundays.

You will be able to savor all the emotions, the memories, the good time spent on holiday. Will you have an overwhelming desire to go back there? Then you will know that the time has come to book your next holiday. The Dolomites are waiting for you.