Sunrise at the refuge

The sun rises slowly: it is like when you open the curtain at the Opera. The emotion is strong; everyone is waiting for the premiere. The show is better than expected: the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site slowly offer themselves in their majesty.

The sunrise in the shelter is unparalleled. The harmony of the music is silence, the sparkling air shakes the veins, and the rays of the rising sun make the eyes ajar to channel all the positive energy inside.

In addition, if you take advantage of a concert of the Trentino Festival of the Sounds of the Dolomites, you will leave the village walking with the mountain guides and musicians: The Dawn of the Dolomites is the music that accompanies the sunrise in a natural theatre. Many successful names and different genres: Malika Ayane, Giovanni Sollima, the Corni della Scala, Mario Brunello…

If you prefer reflection and silence, sleep in a refuge and at dawn dedicate yourself to bio watching: observe how magnificent it surrounds you in every aspect. The incredible world of geological, geomorphological, vegetal and animal biodiversity is there in front of you: a piece of Dolomia that shines a small group of colorful flowers that opens up, an Alpine chough in search of food. Tune in, hold hands, listen with respect and enjoy sensations that you will remember for a long time.

Hut is not just synonymous with summer. There is a dynamic experience that we recommend: TrentinoSkiSunRise. You are at the start of the lifts, which are open early for you only from 6 a.m., you go up and after a delicious breakfast with an endless choice of tasty fresh local products, from butter to jam, from cold cuts to cheeses, with the first light of dawn you are ready for an unprecedented descent on the slopes. The morning has gold in its mouth! Discover, between Trentino and Belluno, the various appointments proposed by the ski zones.