The magic word is Cavallino Bianco

Have you ever imagines being on holiday with your family in the palce of your dreams, where everything satisfies your every desire?

You have almost certainly had such daydreams. Let’s go over one now, together. Imagine an enchanting resort, in a beautiful valley in the Dolomites, at the feet of the Monti Pallidi, the legendary rose garden of King Laurin and UNESCO World Heritage site: we are in Ortisei, in Val Gardena, crown jewel of the Alto Adige, where the magnificence of Mother Nature is unveiled in all its glory.Choose whether you prefer the whiteness of a snowy panorama, the many green hues of spring, the myriad colours of summer or the warm red and orange tones of autumn.

You are finally at your destination. The place where your dreams become reality is here, in the lively pedestrian centre: the Cavallino Bianco Family Spa Grand Hotel, a true gem, the best hotel for families in the world according to specialist sites.
And here is the real magic: the cheerful eyes of your children will begin to light up with wonder and their curiosity will be ignited, while you can enjoy those sensations of pride that fill the heart of one who places their family first.

Now the fun begins, and your holiday becomes freedom with tailored assistance for your little ones. There is a specialist nursery for those who are just a month old, and for your older children, their world will become adventure, discovery, play, and fun, and they will be amazed by their yet unexpressed innate abilities.

At Cavallino Bianco, you parents in complete tranquillity, can dedicate yourselves to your own wellbeing, experiencing intimate moments as a couple with the countless possibilities offered within our superbly luxurious accommodation.
And when you find yourselves altogether again, time will pass even more enjoyably; your glances will become more empathetic, and your embraces more heartfelt.

Don’t believe us? Visit the page of the Cavallino Bianco hotel, where you will find plenty of proof.

Cavallino Bianco

Val Gardena

Indirizzo: Via Rezia 22 - 39046 Ortisei / Val Gardena

Telefono: 0471 783333

Email: info@cavallino-bianco.com

Sito: http://www.cavallino-bianco.com

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