A spectacle in the nature

In Chienes in the Puster Valley

Bonfanti Design Hotel, a vacation destination in the true sense of the word, in the heart of South Tyrol.

The hotel is so elegant, so refined, so linear in form and content, so harmoniously blended into the surrounding Dolomite landscape, that it is impossible not to fall in love with it and want to return.

The Bonfanti Design Hotel is an oasis dedicated to wellness & spa: a garden-park with relaxation areas and a bathing lake that is a bijou, the world of water and saunas with a large outdoor pool and a very pleasant temperature, an indoor pool, two Jacuzzis, a selection of top saunas with a sauna master ready to introduce you to the secrets of the Aufguss and a natural snow room… magic to regenerate. Your muscles can be worked out in the fitness room with the latest Technogym equipment: a 100 square meter area with cardio and strength machines. Even the laziest people won’t be able to resist!

In addition, a team of masseurs will be on hand to release all the tension and take away the accumulated stress. In short, a true dream where couples strengthen their love and singles devote themselves at their own pace. For everyone, the Bonfanti Design Hotel will prove to be a temple dedicated to beauty, to take care of body and soul.

Wellness is also gourmet: the goodness and quality of South Tyrolean delicacies combine with the tradition of the area, are inspired by Mediterranean flavors and have an eye for international dishes. The imagination of the chef de cuisine makes each dish unique, an explosion of taste, flavors, colors, scents … nothing is left to chance. The restaurant, the bistro, the wine bar and the lounge bar are not places, they are sensory experiences to be savored.

The Bonfanti Design Hotel is a paradise in both summer and winter. It is located in an idyllic location that offers a multitude of possibilities for those who love cycling, hiking in the Dolomites, adrenaline sports and snow sports, in two, with the family – children have plenty of attention at their disposal, from the cinema room to games, from classic to interactive -, alone and even with a four-legged friend. They too will be welcome here and in Val Pusteria, one of the most spectacular places with the Dolomites of Sesto UNESCO World Heritage Site, the famous Tre Cime di Lavaredo, the enchanting Lake Braies, the ski resort of Plan de Corones and the town of Brunico for shopping in Südtirol style.

And after a pleasantly busy day, what could be better than the uniqueness, comfort and exclusivity of a designer room? A daydream that fuels restful dreams and peaceful awakenings with the desire to catapult yourself to the rich breakfast buffet.

The workhorse of the Bonfanti Design Hotel is the warm welcome in total safety, guaranteed by a sanitization and ozonation of the rooms to give you true serenity while you dedicate yourself to your special moments, pampered by the staff, always ready to anticipate your every desire.

Bonfanti Design Hotel

Val Pusteria

Indirizzo: San Sigismondo - Via Pusteria 12, 39030 BZ

Telefono: +39 0474 569 563

Email: info@bonfanti-hotel.com

Sito: https://www.bonfanti-hotel.com/

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