Soar in the air

An adrenaline sport allows you to dominate the fantastic views of the Dolomites from above. An experience that has no equal: sailing free, with only the rustle of air in your ears, far from borders, limits and traffic is a dream that can easily come true thanks to a two-seater paraglider flight.

Tandem flights are suitable for everyone, thanks to experienced pilots who guarantee your safety and put you at ease.

There are countless locations in the Dolomites that offer suitable take-offs, both in summer and winter, with professional teams that organize the flight down to the smallest detail, providing you with the necessary – which is then reduced to a helmet and harness, and the suit in case of cold temperatures – and the right advice on how to dress according to the season and weather.

Moreover, after a few steps of running, here you will take flight, gently rocked by the warm ascension current that will bring you up: it is time to surrender to emotions, enjoying unique shows.

Put your feet back on the ground, you will feel changed for the better and have a great time, like children. And soul note.