Snowshoe hikes

One click clack and you’re ready to float in the snow… It’s very easy to hook a good pair of warm, comfortable and water-repellent boots to a pair of snowshoes or snowshoes to say the least. And walking in the snow is very easy. No special knowledge or special skills are required, but the advice is to be accompanied by a mountain guide, taking advantage of the many dedicated proposals.

The mountain guide, in fact, is the most experienced and qualified person, who lives the territory and knows how to tell you stories of life lived, like those of woodcutters and hunters of the past who, with snowshoes, moved agile and fearless. The current ones are the perfection of those used since ancient times, the result of a technique refined for a long time and ensure easy crossings on all types of snow.

It’s time for adventure! Imagine being the first to leave your tracks on a snowy expanse: you’ll soon discover that you’re the second. In fact, the animals of the forest never stand still and if you move in silence, here you can see them while, hidden, they are already sniffing you. What a sensation! What an experience!

A snowshoe hike takes you to places far from the crowds, immersed in winter nature where silence reigns supreme, “everything is silent, everything is absorbed”. The white is the master covering rocks, dwarf pines, small larches, firs, paths, lakes … a new world opens up, sinuous and dazzling, especially on a sunny day. But do not disdain grey or slightly snowy days: the charm of the forest and its elements remains unchanged.