Ski mountaineering

It needs a good skiing technique for the descent and an uphill training with harmonic pushes of arms and legs: the gait slides because the ski does not have to get up from the snow. Moreover, to reach certain places, you need excellent mountaineering skills. In short, it is not a walk, even if the so-called seal skins (now made of synthetic material or wool) help the grip in the uphill progression. You must also have excellent “nivometereological” knowledge and know how to use Artva, avalanche probe and shovel.

The advice: if you organize courses to approach the discipline – they are normally proposed by the CAI – participate. With the right training and an expert guide who will show you the best equipment, you will have a great desire to try your hand at Dolomite outings. And for a “reconnaissance” tour with the mountain guide once you have arrived on holiday, there is no need for preparatory courses, just a desire for adventure!