Situated at the homonymous Dolomite pass and reachable by car with a comfortable asphalted road, a stopping point for hikers of the Alta Via delle Dolomiti N. 1.
The Passo Staulanza Refuge 1,783 m.s.l.m. is located in a privileged position surrounded by the magnificent mountains of the Dolomites: the Pelmo and the Civetta.
It has 16 rooms with bathroom, a spacious dormitory for groups and a renowned restaurant specialized in Ladin and international cuisine.

Main Excursions:

Tour of Mount Pelmo
Description counterclockwise
It starts directly from the Passo Staulanza Refuge (1,783 m.) following path no. 472 in the direction of the Venezia Refuge (1,946 m.), which will be reached in an average time of 2.30 hours. From the refuge you will continue in the direction of the Forcella Val d’Arcia (2,476 m.) along path no. 480, once you reach the fork you will descend towards the northern screes of Pelmo until you rejoin path no. 472 which will take you back to Passo Staulanza.
Total time: about 6 hours (C.A.I. times)
Height difference: 693 m.

Dinosaur footsteps trip
Leave your car at Passo Staulanza (large car park) and easily climb along path no. 472 (Alta Via delle Dolomiti no. 1) until you reach the beautiful plateaus of Monte Pelmo.
Near the southern edge of Pelmetto, turn left (signpost) and climb up a steep gravelly ground to the boulder that bears the footprints (2,050 m.).
At the Staulanza refuge there is a monographic booklet on the discovery accompanied by numerous scientific explanations.
Outward time: 1.15 hours (C.A.I. time)
Return time: 1.00 a.m. (time C.A.I.)
Height difference: 267 m.

Trip to the Città di Fiume Refuge
From the Passo Staulanza Refuge (1,783 m.) follow path no. 472 around the Pelmo in a clockwise direction.
The path develops for about half of the way through the wood, the central section surrounds the southern scree of the north face of the Pelmo, winding among large boulders and scattered mountain pines.
Once you reach the refuge (1,917 m.) you can admire the imposing north face of the Pelmo.
Outward time: 1.30 hours (time C.A.I.)
Return time: 1.20 hours (time C.A.I.)
Height difference: 134 m.

Trip to the Venice Refuge
From the Passo Staulanza Refuge (1,783 m.) follow path no. 472 around the Pelmo in a counter-clockwise direction.
The path, after a short initial climb, develops along gentle ups and downs of pastures at high altitude until you reach the refuge, which is located at an altitude of 1,946 m.
After heavy rains it can be muddy, so it is advisable to use suitable mountain footpaths.
Outward time: 2.30 hours (weather C.A.I.)
Return time: 2.30 a.m. (weather C.A.I.)
Difference in altitude: m. 163

Trip to the Coldai Refuge
From the Passo Staulanza refuge (1,783 m.) follow the asphalt road towards Zoldo for about 300 m. until you reach a wide hairpin bend (trail no. 568).
On the right side there is a dirt road that leads to a further fork, turn left towards the Vescovà hut.
From the malga follow the sign n.561 up to the Coldai refuge.
Alternatively it is possible to reach the Vescovà hut directly by car (dirt road).
Departure time: 2.30 a.m. (time C.A.I.)
Return time: 2.15 hours (time C.A.I.)
Height difference: 325 m.

Trip to Mount Crot
The path climbs immediately behind the Passo Staulanza Refuge (1,783 m) and is wide and easy from the beginning.
Surrounding the edges of the mountain it rises bland with numerous hairpin bends up to a fork that offers a magnificent view of the Pelmo.
To reach the summit (2,158 m.), marked by a cross, you have to continue to the left which, with a steep ascent, will take you to a respectable lookout with a magnificent 360° view of the Civetta, Pelmo, Antelao, Sella and Marmolada.
Time to go: 1.15 a.m. (C.A.I. time)
Return time: 1.00 a.m. (time C.A.I.)
Difference in height: 374 m.

Rifugio Passo Staulanza

Val di Zoldo

Indirizzo: Località Passo Staulanza - 32010 - Zoldo Alto

Telefono: 0437 788566



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