The Gian Pietro Talamini refuge (1582 m. a.s.l.) is located a few steps from the Forcella del Col Botei, with a fantastic panoramic view of Mount Antelao, with 30 indoor and 150 outdoor dining places, availability of 6 beds.

How to get there:

The refuge can also be reached in summer by car from Vodo di Cadore 7 km with 800 m of altitude difference and from Zoppè di Cadore with 4 km of altitude difference. This road can be covered both in summer and winter on foot or with snowshoes with crampons.

Main excursions:

From the mountain hut following the high route number 3 it is possible to reach the Venezia Refuge on Mount Pelmo on the opposite side the  Monte Rite refuge, always with a walk of 2 and a half hours. Other possible excursions are the  becco of Cuze,  Col Duro,  Mount Penna and Mount Punta. With a walk of 2 and a half hours it is also possible to reach Zoldo Alto.


Rifugio Gian Pietro Talamini

Cadore Centrale e Val Boite

Indirizzo: Loc. Col Botei, 32040 Vodo di Cadore

Telefono: 380 9081496



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