Passione Dolomiti originates from a simple idea:
giving the Dolomites the space they deserve.

The Passione Dolomiti project was developed by people who are interact with this area everyday, breath in its perfume and are always feasting their eyes on its beauty.

Passione Dolomiti is a place for sharing the rewards of the outstanding features of this area, be they in the hospitality sector or in the food and wine sector, using a strict and accurate selection process.

We strongly believe in the development of this extraordinary heritage, which include old traditions, love for this land's produce and a and a strong spirit of welcome. For this reason, we carefully select the most deserving hotels and restaurants, as well as those that best represent our area, guaranteeing a unique experience to anyone wishing to treat themselves to the peace of a holiday in the Dolomites area and the unforgettable experience of tasting the local delicacies.

The Passione Dolomiti brand guarantees a proven quality, without compromise.

Choosing Passione Dolomiti means:
  • relying on people who have lived in the Dolomites area for a lifetime, and are experts in its secrets and outstanding features
  • saving time when it comes to choosing the best places to stay and eat, thanks to an accurate selection and a highly valuable offer
  • having a 360 degree experience of the Dolomites, with the possibility to count on precious advice coming from a timeless passion for the Dolomites

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