Nature on the saddle

An experience to make? Experience a new point of view. How? Riding a horse. You “rise up” immediately and the perspective on the landscape around you changes. Then being the guide of your steed in a combination of trust, security, mutual attention touches the ropes of emotion. Revealing the ability to lead such a powerful and majestic animal, controlling its rhythmic gait, showing it the way to follow has beneficial effects on a scientific level: it increases self-esteem, self-awareness, mutual respect. All this is increased a hundredfold by being immersed in a Dolomite nature of extraordinary beauty and pure air to breathe deeply: it is worth taking part in a horse trekking accompanied by expert equestrian guides.

The positive effects on muscle tone should not be overlooked: riding, even at pace, is a sporting activity that involves all the muscles of the lower part of the body to maintain the position in the saddle; the abdominals and back muscles also maintain a slight effort to ensure a good upright posture.

Don’t you feel ready to take up a sport, which, although healthy and suitable for beginners, requires a certain amount of physical preparation? Do not worry, because a nice horse-drawn carriage ride in the summer or sleigh ride in the winter with a warm blanket on your knees will still be an unforgettable experience. Fun with the children, romantic in pairs.

For experts, the Dolomites offer bridleways along which accommodation facilities, mountain huts and selected alpine huts offer a network of quality services and direct assistance for horses and riders, transfer and laundry service, flexibility on breakfast and dinner times, preparation of healthy and energetic packed lunch.