Mountain is synonymous with mountaineering: the desire to reach the top and challenge oneself is inherent in those who love rock. And the Dolomites are the kingdom of climbing: climbs made famous by illustrious names in mountaineering, exciting via ferrata routes that are a valid approach to discovery, and long trekking from top to top, such as the numerous Dolomite peaks.

How to choose? The first decision is whether to pack your backpack or suitcase. Whether to be hard and pure mountaineers and stay in a mountain hut, in which case you are already a step away from heaven, or let yourself be tempted by all the comforts of a hotel in one of the spectacular Dolomite valleys. In many places, the lifts take you up to altitude, halving your approach times.

In both cases, consider having a mountain guide accompany you: you will not only gain safety, but you will also get to know the places better. The choice is guided by one’s own idea of a holiday, but the mountaineering spirit remains intact and the advice to follow for those who want to start exploring are the same that experts follow:

  • Plan each hiking/climbing in detail (distances, height differences, weather…) and consider that it is within your reach, assessing your physical condition.
  • Leave early in the morning (thunderstorms in the mountains are often afternoon)
  • Check the equipment that is suitable (suitable shoes and above all comfortable first of all) and in excellent condition, with a first aid kit; do not forget the sunscreen.
  • Notify the accommodation on your route or register in the refuge books
  • Take regular breaks to drink and calibrate your energy; always try to walk at the same pace.
  • Be careful when stopping to take pictures, never near overhangs!