Craft experiences

The artistic craftsmanship of the Dolomites is dominated by wooden sculpture: the masters of Val Gardena are known all over the world for their works ranging from the sacred to the peasant world, from the characters of legends to toys that bring to life with a unique perfection in carving.

The Dolomites are treasure troves of artisanship in all fields: in order to use the time during the long, cold winters, ingenuity has been refined over time and now tourists reap the results.

In fact, it is easy to find workshops, courses and insights dedicated to guests to help them re-discover their manual skills. For example, the Paneveggio Pale di San Martino Natural Park offers courses on wool, starting from the use of lanolin in ointment to the use of wool in staple, brim and yarn and then knitting or crocheting or felting until dyeing with herbal mixtures for infusions.

The Eco museum of Vanoi, on the other hand, teaches how to stuff chairs or make baskets and baskets by weaving stone branches or even bags using dried corn bracts. In addition, although you may never need it, you can take a practical course on traditional knowledge for the preparation, sharpening and proper use of the hay scythe.

In short, even on holiday the saying goes: learn an art and put it aside.