Do not miss exciting activities like canyoning, alias, and canyoning. It is an exhilarating sport, fun and will make you discover a world of water and rocks unknown to the hiker. Moreover, it is not particularly tiring or difficult: with a neoprene wetsuit and helmet, secured with a harness, rope, descender and carabiner, you will descend accompanied by an expert guide in ravines and gorges dug over the millennia by watercourses that draw fluid and sinuous paths where you can let yourself be carried away by the gentle current that leads along natural slides (the so-called toboggans) to leaps of waterfalls to dive into fresh pools with crystal clear and pure water.

The stretches of banks and streams suitable for canyoning are in places hidden from most people, because instead of climbing to the top of the mountains, you go down into their belly, deep, narrow and wild. To get there, one usually enters valleys and woods that deserve an excursion in themselves.

Of course, even canyoning can be taken to the extreme, choosing long routes with many hours in the water or considerable heights from which to dive into deep pools in cliff diving style and then climb the rock walls climbing in free solo style, without ropes and anchors. It is then deep canyoning, a discipline that finds more and more followers.

The Dolomite territories between Trentino, Alto Adige and Veneto have numerous possibilities of discovery. A stone’s throw from the Pale di San Martino, in Val Noana, along the Rio Neva, the adventure is magnificent, accompanied by mountain guides. In South Tyrol, there is the Ahrntal waiting for you and the Vinschgau Valley is no less; the Veneto Dolomites offer the Belluna Valley.

A complete experience between climbing, walking, swimming, everything where only water has access.